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In Memoriam


  1. Aivatoglou, Iraclis. Married Sophia Kalantaridou. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  2. Aivatoglou, Restis N. Arrived in 1920. Married Despina. Children, Anna Ossia. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  3. Anastasiades, Georgios. Arrived in 1923. Married Hariklia Gayrielidou. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  4. Apostolides, Elias N. Arrived in 1920. Married Elpis Porgiasolglou. Children, Nicolaos, Antonios. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  5. Apostolides, Kiriakos. Married Marcia Ediaroglou. Children Nicolaos, Osia, Parisi. Resides at St. Thomas. Ontario, Canada.
  6. Argiropoulos, Ioannis. Married Despina Ourailoglou. Children Prodromos, Osia. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  7. Argiropoulos, Joranis. Married Kiriakitcha Djarkadjoglou. Resides at Detrioit, Michigan.
  8. Argiropoulos, Kiriakos. Arrived in 1932. Wife Anna. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  9. Argiropoulos, Mourat. Married Anastasia Ediaroglou. Children, Mackrina. Resides in Detroit, Michigan.
  10. Asimoglu, Nicholas. Married Despina. Children, Michael, Dimitri. Arrived in 1913. Resides in Detroit, Michigan.
  11. Ashimoglou, Savvas M. Arrived in 1914. Married Olga. Children, Three in number. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  12. Athanasiades, Ioannis Z. Arrived in 1920. Married Susana Poponidou. Children, Cophia, Moshoula. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  13. Athanasiades, Jordanis S. Married Despina Mistiloglou. Children, Joakim, Klimantos. Resides in California.
  14. Athanasiades, Savvas S. Arrived in 1910. Married Theodosia Papavasiliou. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  15. D

  16. Dimosthenis, Rafael. Arrived in 1913. Married Eleni Ourailidou. Children, Maria, Kiriakitsa. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  17. E

  18. Ediaroglou, Auxentios N.. Arrived in 1914. Married Kaliopi Raftopoulou. Children, Dorothea, Nicolaos, Vasilios. Resides in Pontiac, Michigan.
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  19. Efthimiou, Ioannis Papa. Arrived in 1920. Married Desphina Papazpglou. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  20. Eliades, Constantions. Married Lougia Hapoglou. Children, Nicolas, Stravos. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  21. Eliades, Elias S. Arrived in 1920. Married, Gethsimani Gaithan Oglou. Children, Misail, Simeon, Anastasia. Resides in Pontiac, Michigan.
  22. Eliades, Mourat. Resides at Washington D. C.
  23. Eliades, Papa Gregorious. Arrived in 1927. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  24. G

  25. Gamemoglou, Constantinos. Married Anna. Resides at Ashland, Kentucky.
  26. Gannemoglou, Nicolaos. Arrived in 1920. Resides at Ashland Kentucky.
  27. Gavrielides, Efthimios V. Arrived in 1920. Married Maria Ourailoglou. Children, Magdalini, Alexandros, Savvas, Steven, Dimitri. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
    Photos: Set 1
  28. Gavrielides, Kosmas A. Married Eleni Aivatoglou. Children Anastas, Eugene, Simeon. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  29. Gavrielides, Nicolas V. Married Ephimia Nohoutdjoglou. Children Sophia. Resides in Pontiac, Michigan.
  30. Giamouroglou, Nicoloas E. Arrived in 1920. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  31. H

  32. Hasaloglou, Ioannis. Married Barbara. Children Christina, Gregorios. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  33. Hasaloglou, Savva G. Arrived in 1906. Married Spohia Ediaroglou. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  34. Hasaloglou, Stephanos G. Arrived in 1911. Married Lougia Gavrieloglou. Children, George, Christo, Katina. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  35. I

  36. Iliades, Gregorios. Arrived in 1912. Resides in New York. Haralampos Peponides. Arrived in 1913. Married Sophia Kosmidou. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  37. Ilades, Vasilios P. Gr. Arrived in 1913. Married Marcia Kyrillos. Children Rafaes, Sava. Lives in Detroit, Michigan.
  38. K

  39. Kairetoglou, Constantinos (Gus Garyet). Arrived in 1912. Married Francopoula Pantelidou. Children Christos, Maria, Theadora (Dody), and Nicholas. 1440 Badwin Ave. Pontiac, Michigan.
    Photos: Set 1
  40. Kalantarides, Marcos. Arrived in 1910. Married Sophia Thomaoglou. Children, Despina, Christo. Resides at Salonica, Greece.
  41. Kambouroglou, Nicolas S. Married Penelope Aivatoglou. Children Eleni, Vasiliki, Savvas, Resides at Ashland, Kentucky.
  42. Kambouroglou, Vasilios. Arrived in 1913, Married Teopisti Karadjoglou, Resides at Logan, West Virginia.
  43. Kapashoglou, Orestis V. Arrived in 1913. Resides at Detroit, Michigan. Mother Anna arrived in 1928.
  44. Karasouloglou, Mihail. Arrived in 1920. Married Euthokia Baloglou. Children, Osia, Despina, Theophania Elizabeth. Resides in Detroit, Michigan.
  45. Koldjoukloglou, Efthimios. Resides at 309 N. E. Washington, D.C
  46. Kromidopoulos, Nicolas. Arrived in 1920. Married Ephrosina Argiropoulos. Children Sophia, Desbina, Ananias. Resides in Detroit, Michigan.
  47. L

  48. Lazarides, Elias S. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  49. Lazarides, Lazaros S. Married Eugenia Papazoglou. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  50. Limnides, Athanasios. Arrived in 1920. Married Sophia Koldjoukloglou. Children, Kasiani, Martha, and baby. Resides in Detrioit, Michigan.
  51. M

  52. Michailides, Joannis. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  53. Michailides, Priridon. Arrived in 1912. Married Osia Tebrikoglou. Resides at Ashland, Kentucky.
  54. Misailides, Gregorios A. Arrived in 1920. Married Pefronia Hasaloglou, children, Vasil, Apostolou, Antonios.
  55. Misailides, Kiriakos M. Married Garifalia. Children, Eleftheria, Martha. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  56. Misailides, Vasilios K. Married Lougia. Children Athena Nicholaos, Apostonela. Resides at Camauay, Cuba.
  57. Mistilides, Misail. Married Ephrosina Karasouloglou. Children Sinagea, Athena, Christos. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  58. Mistiloglou, Vasilios G. Arrived in 1913. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  59. O

  60. Ourailides, Eugenios S. . Married Anna Djarkadjoglou. Children Samba. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  61. Ourailides, Kiriakos S. Married Tovlata. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  62. Ourailides, Photios S. Arrived in 1912. Married Eusevin Tchologlou. Children, Katherine, Dimitrios, Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  63. Ourailoglou, Nicolaos D. Arrived in 1926. Resides at Chicago, Illinois.
  64. P

  65. Pantelides, Apostol. Arrived in 1925. Married Despina Garagides in 1934. Children: Theoclea (Cleo), Mena (Michael) and Konstantinos (Gus). Resides at 545 E. Pike Street, Pontiac, Michigan.
    Photos: Set 1 :: Set 2 :: Set 3 :: Set 4
  66. Pantelides, Anastasios. Arrived in 1927. Married Katina. Children: Sophia, Diana, Jordan and Markel. Resides in Detroit, Michigan.
  67. Pantelides, Christos. Arrived in 1920. Marrried Despina. Children, Kiriakos, Makelina, Apostol (Paul) and Thespo. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
    Photos: Set 1
  68. Pantelides, Constantinos. Married Spohia Giamouroglou. Children Apostolos, Ioannis, Anastasios, Maria, Pantelis, Afroditi, Dorothea, Eleftheria. Resides in Pontiac, Michigan.
  69. Pantelides, Eugenios. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  70. Pantelides, Yianni. Arrived in 1927. Married Chrystalia. Children: Irini, Nicholas and Konstantinos. Resides in Middletown, Ohio.
  71. Papafotiou, Anastasios. Married Florence. Children, Eulogin, Fotios, Eleni, Athanasios.
  72. Papafotiou, Athanasios. Arrived in 1913. Married Despina Georgoglou. Children Stavros, Marika, Dimitrios. Resides at Sheboygan, Michigan.
  73. Paraskevides, Alekos. Arrived in 1913, Married Sophia Gr. Eliades. Children, Anastasia, Evanthia. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  74. Peponides, Lazaros S. Married Sophia Misailidou. Children Pevronia, Martha, Ourania, Misail. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  75. Peponides, Socrates. Arrived in 1914. Resides at Detroit, Michigan. Wife and Children are in Salonica, Greece.
  76. R

  77. Raphael, Simeon. Arrived in 1920. Married Despina Savvidou. Children, Sophia. Maria. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  78. S

  79. Savvides, Nicoloas S. Arrived in 1913. Married Theopisti Raphael. Children, Lucie, Dorothea, Sophia Stavros. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  80. Savides, Savvas A. Arrived in 1913. Married Theognosia Kosmiou. Children Aleco, Maria. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
  81. T

  82. Tchavdarides, Avraam. Arrived in 1920. Married Desina Hasaloglou. Children, Theologos, Efimia, Eugenios. Resides at Pontiac, Michigan.
  83. Triphonon, Elias. Arrived in 1922. Resides at Detroit, Michigan.
In Memoriam
  • Anastasios S. Djarkadjoglou - 1913
  • Prothromos Teberikoglou - 1913
  • Michael A. Papazglou - 1914
  • Dimitrios P. Mistiloglou - 1915
  • Orestis S. Savvides - 1915
  • Antonios K. Athanasiades - 1917
  • Elias H. Misaelides - 1919
  • Constantinos A. Nohoutdjogluo - 1920
  • Theodosis J. Apostolides - 1920
  • George Pinyiatoglou - 1921
  • Kiriakos S. Lazarides - 1923
  • Despina B. P. Gr. Eliades - 1928
  • Moshoula Kalantaridou - 1933
  • Konstantinos Paloglou - 1933
  • Prestis A. Djarkadjoglou - 1934
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